JAZZ NIGHT EP ( Soul flex digital )

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    1. Jazz night :
    Kicking off the Jazz night Ep from Staytment, Soul Flex Digitals latest member is a bassy roller. Soulful from the start. With all the right ingrediants to make this a liquid great.

    2. Melting Pot :
    Absolute amazing liquid track again from Staytment. Atomospheric soundscapes, vocals and an amazing snare, building up into a rolling bassline track. Great production from the Staytment

    3. Beautiful :
    Beautiful is a bouncy roller from Staytment. Liverly rhodes, piano rifts and vocal leads into a deep but sooth bass. Layered tramen breaks gives it a dancefloor feel yet keeping it deep and soulful.

    4. A Rhythmical Sketch :
    Last track on the Jazz Night Ep, and what a stonker it is. Crispy beats, funky stabs, bouncy bass...A real funky liquid roller for the real heads.

    (Please note the tracks posted here are un-mastered / The mastered Versions will be posted closer to the release date)