Jamie T - Sheila (DJ Small Paul Remix)

I havent made a tune for years and i've been jumping around different software for quite a while but i found my zone on this tune. Made with Reason, all beats are from their banks and the basses are out of Malstrom (Home Made)

Why Jamie T?
There is a story behind the tune, i won't go into too much detail but a mate of mine past over a few weeks ago and they played the original at his funeral, i met him at my event Rinsed so i made this to play in honour tonight so it wasnt completely out of place...


Its only on there for the next 7 days so get in there quick. I just added it to my myspace page too if you cant get that one...


This isnt the full version just a snippet (5 mins)

Please provide feedback and be as critical as you must ;)
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jay walker

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Whats good SP? Hows you sire?

Few words bout yourself, while im on a reviewing rampage!

Great idea, the intro goes on to long tho, you want to try and get it down to around 1 minute before the drop, and use the sample properly on the second breakdown. The sub bass needs some variation as the track goes on and the drums need toughening up, maybe an some more percussion. Good track to remix tho, you used the samples really well.