Jafrosax - Find A Way(Akira Remix)


Mar 12, 2009

and here's slightly higher quality via imeem


This is a song that had a great impact on my life. I'll never forget the night I first heard it. I kept flipping it back over and over and over again. The sheer beauty of this tune is one of the major reasons I was driven to learn how to create music. I want to touch people like this song touched me.

Damn I sound so whack.

Anywho, for those who don't know, Akira is Makoto's younger brother. He's just as beast as his brother and he's also Jafrosax is an AMAZING Nu-Jazz act hailing from Japan. They blend soulful vibes and beats, and even dabble in DnB from time to time(Makoto typically assists with these songs). Absolutely incredible music. I have all four albums, and anyone who's interested on learning how to get them just PM me.

If by some chance anyone here has this song in MP3 quality and would be willing to let me know how they got it via PM I would be extremely grateful!

God bless.
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Jun 23, 2006
Only recently heard the tune and love it, have just been looking for it on mp3 which led me here, let me know if you find it, will post back if I come across it myself. :thumbsup:

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Fairly decent quality version found here

Hope this helps.
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