J Majik's Red Alert! CD


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Been listening to this one in the car lately, and I must say it has an amazingly good, varied tracklist.
The mixing is excellent in terms of matching, but unfortunately J Majik just doesn't EQ any of his double drops! My sub ends up rumbling with some faint wobbling sound trying to emit two basslines in every single mix he does, and I end up skipping most of the mixes until the tunes are in on their own.
This is entirely different to people like Andy and Zinc, who fully EQ during mixes to have one bassline at a time, and people like Fresh who make some attempt to but don't always manage it (as on the Bass Invaderz CD). I too have always tried to do this, now I'll be making even more of an effort to!

Anyone else listened to this and have any thoughts?

Perhaps someone can tell Mr. Majik that the tracks on his CD are great but the mixes sound terrible on a bass-orientated system? :(


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well i see him quite a bit as he comes in my local record shop, but sorry dude i dont wanna say bout EQs 2 him. At the end of the day fudge it, he's got his own style innit. He's a safe geezer though. I had a ten minute convo about smoking punk with him.