J Majik - 'Lizard (V Chip rmx)' (Infrared)


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Mar 21, 2002
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J Majik - "Lizard (V Chip rmx)" (Infrared)

J Majik gives youngster V Chip complete control to give one of his dirtiest tunes a 2002 relick, and if you've been anywhere near an Andy C, Ed Rush or Bad Co set recently, you'll see that he made a good choice.
Opening out much like the original, with haunting vocal snips and sweeping atmospherics, your led blind into the same piano build up that made the original so punishing! This time tho, the intro builds up a lot more, with a filtered amen fading in and out behind the piano, and with the female moans accompanying it all, your not ready for what comes next! Unfortunately, I was expecting a little more from this relick, as I loved the waspy bassline on the original, but instead V Chip chooses to build and improve on the same piano roll from the intro, except with a looming bassline backing it up. The thing that really does it for me here is the fill that gets thrown in at the end of every 8 bars, a nice Digital-y bass riff, just the way I like em!!!
On the flip, V Chip goes for a completely different flava, letting his J Majik influence show through a little, although thats not to say this track is a bandwagon-jump! Some might scoff when they hear this housey little roller, but Im personally feeling it more than the A-side!!! Trancey chords and a steady beat lead you into the breakdown, and when the drop hits you, all you feel is the bass! Seriously man, theres only a few bass sounds that give me a buzz like this, think the LK bassline, think the Global Love remix! Theres nothing better than a smooth warm bassline over a nice system to get the party started. Surprised I havent heard Fabio play this actually.
Anyway, Infrared wanted to warm us up for the forthcoming 'New Generation' album and this tasty little 12" will do nicely, thank you very much!
Think he's actually gonna be going by the name of DSF or something like that for his Infrared releases.

The flip to the Lizard Remix is called "Apex"

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