IZAH - Old tunes mix

Easy all !

In the years I've been producing, I've made so many tunes, I thought it would be a good idea to get a lot of them unheard tunes in a mix. I hope it can be an inspiration for other producers and dj's, or just a half hour listen to my oldschool wobbles :)

The first half of the mix are tunes mostly produced in FLStudio, the last half are more tunes I made in Reason.
And all of the tunes are jump up/wobble tunes..

Hope you enjoy!

Izah - Tag Central
Izah - Dwell on Dreams
Izah - The Dark Zone
Izah - Mystic Spirit
Izah - Murder House
Izah - My Place
Izah - Firewalker
Izah - Probe
>> Izah - Our Move
Izah - Lost in the Woods
Izah - Witchcraft
Izah - Lump
Izah - Lucid Dreams (Original Mix)
Izah - Marihuana
Izah - Broken Swords
Izah - Funk That
Izah - Forgive Me (RinseProof Dub)
Izah - Don't See Me Comin'
Izah - The Rising Hope
Izah - Fuckin' Animals (RinseProof Dub)
Izah - Ghetto Booty
Izah - Pass the Dutchie
Izah - Carpet Stain

P.S. I had to rewind some tunes, because they were short of length..
Thanks guys..

Yes still on it, but with school stuff and work I don't get a lot of things done. Doing a couple of tunes for Suv's Playside Recs, and for Subfuzion Recordings..
Thanks for listening :D