It's been a long time

Jish Josh

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Oct 11, 2018
Alright guys i have been a member here under the name Gerbil but i thought i would update my profile as i forgot my password and no longer use the email attached

I'm now 29 years of age i am a father of 2 and i work full time as a chef
i have been mixing since 2004 starting on technics and progressing from there had a couple of breaks here n there when i get busy at work but really looking to give it a big push now
drum and bass is just my life i live and breathe it nothing else matters all styles are great just has to sound good
i mainly mix out in Torquay UK Devon using 3 or 4 turntables
at home, I use a controller now feeling it does the job just fine

i will be checking member mixes as well as uploading my own
also i will be checking the production area as i am trying to make a few tracks too and would like to progress further in this :)

i look forward to hearing and hopefully working with many of you


I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
Ay wassup man yeah fuck these hoes go hard smoke drink sip and molly

Is not a responsible way to act, and can very possibly get you in a lot of trouble, is what I'd like to say here.

Weird part is that it's true. Adult life has blown me away.
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