Is Flashback, coming back for a one-off special party....?

Is Flashback, The UK's best known old skool/rave organisation coming back for a one-off special party....?

Dear clubbers, ravers, music lovers and of course our beloved Flashback faithful.
Since our last event way back in 2006 we have received regular messages from people asking 'When is Flashback gonna do another party..?'

Maybe you were a regular at Flashback or maybe you have heard what amazing parties they were, either way this is your opportunity to help create an amazing night and make your mark within the dance scene that we know today.

Well, now is your time to be heard! If 3000+ people join our FaceBook group then Flashback will indeed do another event.

Yes that's right, you heard it here first. Go tell your friends, your brothers & sisters that the Ultimate Underground Dance Experience 'could be' back for one very special night....

Get involved and support Flashback: join our group and forward onto as many people as you can and maybe, just maybe, Flashback will be in our lives once more.....

Official Facebook group page:-

Official Facebook Fan page :-

Love Mistress Mo and The Original Flashback Crew x
Is Flashback gonna host The Ultimate Reunion Party... have your say!

...could soon be releasing details of The Ultimate Reunion Party

Since Flashbacks' last event way back in 2006, they have been inundated with requests to dust off their 'spikey inflatable balls' and present a party that no-one will forget!

Well, this is your chance to get involved and have your say:

A dedicated FaceBook page has been set up so that you can leave messages, upload your favourite Flashback flyer or video clip and of course to join the group and show your support and prove that this party simply has to happen!
So far over 1000 eager ravers have made themselves heard...

If 3000+ people join this group then this event will take place

Flashback needs you! There is no time to delay, join the facebook group now go tell your friends, your brothers & sisters and together, you could make history:-

Some memorable highlights from the past 14 years

1996 - Flashback is born and host it's very first event at Birmingham University

1997 - They are asked to host the upstairs room at Crunch every month

1998 - Grooverider plays at Crunch to a packed-out-crowd who chant his name over and over again. He leaves at the end of the night sayin "This is one of the most amazing atmospheres I have ever experienced"

1998 - Sees the launch of Flashback at The Que Club

1999 - They manage to persuade Altern8 to come out of retirement who go on to play at tons of events all over the UK

1999 - Keith Suckling plays his first set in years at the Boxing Day party upstairs at Crunch

2000 - SL2 play the last set at Flashback and the crowd refuse to leave at the end, singing along to The Prodigy tune 'Out Of Space' even with the power cut

2000 - Flashback pack their bags and head for Milton Keynes to host the old skool arena for Slammin Vinyl... the first of many collaborations with this might organisation

2000 - The world famous international artist 'DJ Marky' played his Midlands debut set at Flashback

2001 - The chart toppin' Baby D make their debut appearance at Flashback for a LIVE performance of their awesome No.1 hit single: Let Me Be Your Fan-ta-syyyyy... yeah!

2001 - The RatPack & DJ Rap play a special Back2Back set for the first time in over 10 years

2002 - Flashback host a massive party at the famous Institute venue in Birmingham

2002 - A trip to the nations capital sees Flashback host the old skool arena for the very first time at Innovation at The SeOne Venue

2002 - The one and only time that Flashback host their very own NYE party to a sell-out 3000 crowd

2003 - A Flashback regular proposes to his girlfriend on the night and later get married

2003 - Flashback are invited back to host the old skool arena at an 8,000 capacity Slammin Vinyl NYE event

2004 - Flashback travel to Shepton Mallet to bring their unique atmosphere to the West Country massive

2006 - The Custard Factory hosts Flashbacks' 10th Birthday in a marquee

2006 - Sees Flashback hit The NEC for a monster 10,000 capacity rave

2010 - ??????????????