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    Bruges, Belgium
    New channel that me and a friend made that is dedicated to:
    - Dnb produced by Producers from belgium (Known and unknown)
    - Dnb produced by unknown producers that would like more recognition
    - Our favourite tunes (Old and new)

    We made the channel to promote belgian artists because drum and bass is a very hot scene in belgium,
    one of the most vitalic scenes in belgium. Especially in bruges, Antwerp & Li├Ęge

    First 30 min mix we made of all time favourites

    Something went wrong while uploading the set, last 7 min or so are blank will reupload asap

    We're also making a dj team, name is not yet available. so you'll be hearing more of us.

    Hope you like it, made with our just bought Releep Digital jockey with traktor LE
    Before that we used Virtual Dj & Deckadance, it's a huge difference
    But we love Traktor
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