Innovation 8th Birthday Tapepack


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Mar 21, 2002
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Right this is the first tape pack Ive bought in a while and its baad so I thought Id write about it to recommend it to everyone. It was recorded live at the Lighthouse on Sunday 5th of May. Heres a brief lowdown on the tapes.

Micky Finn* - Quite impressive. Im not the biggest Micky fan but the mixings generally quite good and the tunes are all wicked. Featuring Mcs Fatman D, Sugars, Foxy and Rizla. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: ??? (2nd tune - after Wolf rmx)

Swift* - As always with Swift - quality! Plenty of double drops and a phat bit where he rewinds 'Blaxpoitation' and then teases 'Metropolis' over the intro. Featuring Mcs Skibadee, Rizla, Sugars. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: Snowcats - BC

Dj Die* - One of the best tapes. Brilliant selection of tunes and the Mcs all go off. Featuring Mcs Shabba, Skibadee, IC3. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: The Mexican - Danny C

Aphrodite* - Errrrrrr.....not really my cup of tea but if your into that sort of thing, then Im sure you like it. Mixing didnt impress me much. Featuring Mc Rizla. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: Barcelona - Mindmachine & Epsilon

Grooverider - Wasnt too impressed with this one. Quality tunes as always but a couple of real dodgy mixes at the start of the tape put me off a bit. Featuring Mc Riddla. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: The Lick - Sta & Paul B

Kenny Ken - Wicked Old Skool jungle set. All the classics you all know. Featuring Mcs MCMC and Five 0. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: Terrorist - Ray Keith

Andy C - Heavy, heavy tape! Amazing tunes and superb mixing as always! Features that BC remix of that Mo Fire tune by Shabba, Spyda and Navi. Featuring Mcs Shabba and TC Izlam. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: The Calling - Kemal & Tech Itch

Hype - Usual sort of set from Hype. Good tunes, not as much scratching as usual. Featuring Mc Dett. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: Has It Come To This rmx - High Contrast

Shy FX - Wicked tunes, standard mixing. Some old skool thrown in too. Featuring Mc Skibadee. BEST TUNE ON TAPE: Feelin U or Dont Wanna Know - Shy Fx, T Power

L Double - Errrr havent had a chance to listen to it yet cos I left it at a mates house :mad:

* These Djs only have 1 side of a tape, not a whole tape.
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