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Mar 24, 2009
Hi there. Dangerous New Age Recordings are back for there second installment with a brand new EP called Futrue Echoes.

featureing some of the scenes finest up and coming talent this EP is one not to be missed.

We have exclusive tunes from the likes of No-Money, Diode, Zeal and Litta and Rico and Scoop.

This is will be available to buy on Monday 23rd March, at and so come and check it out thank you....

heres a littele insight to each artist please take time to read?

1 NOMoney Profile

No Money is the hottest new Drum & Bass duo on the block. Consisting of George Ramik aka DJ C.Phone and Johnny Kurecka aka DJ Limitedd, No Money are setting dancefloors alight with their unique blend of heavy hitting, crowd pleasing D&B.

Both renowned DJs in their home country, the pair who hail from Ostrava, Czech Republic made their names as part of a local crew called Dvoika.Troika. In 2004 however, the urge to create music and transfer the energy they've enforced onto many dancefloors into productions of their own pushed them to join forces in the studio. Last year they won Czech DNB Awards 2007 in two categories. BEST PRODUCER and BEST TUNE OF 2007 (Let..s move VIP / First Generation recs. FIRSTGEN001)

2 Zeal & Litta

Zeal & Litta started DJing and Producing together in 2002. With very similar tastes in music, they found themselves making various styles of Drum & Bass, but their real love lies with Hard, Rolling Tech / Neuro DnB.

After locking themselves in a dark studio with nothing but cups of tea and some munch for a few years, they finally got their first release which came with Dark Asylum Recordings, with their tune 'Confessions' hitting the shelves in November 2007.

Psidream - Thin Ice B/W Zeal & Litta - Confessions DRKASY001

In February 2008 Zeal & Litta had their tune ‘Tremors’ singed to Close 2 Death Records as an exclusive digital release, following this Zeal had his tune ‘Torment’ also go out with C2D in the ‘Transmission3 Way’ EP in May.

With more releases to come on respected labels such as Ohm Resistance, Close 2 Death, Dark Asylum, Steppasoundz and Ennex, you will be sure to see these guys on road soon!


Zeal & Litta - Confessions (Dark Asylum Recordings)
Zeal & Litta - Tremors (Close 2 Death)
Zeal - Torment (Close 2 Death)
Zeal & Brainwash - Away (Steppasoundz)
Zeal & Litta - Time of Day (Steppasoundz)
Zeal & Litta - Secret Society (Close 2 Death)
Zeal & Litta - Serpentium (Close 2 Death)
Zeal & Speculate - Emotion (Close 2 Death)

Thought & Zeal - Kana (Freak / Obscene)
Zeal - Bionic (Ennex Records)
Zeal - Sky Iron (Ohm Resistance)
Zeal & Litta - Ruby Weapon (Ohm Resistance)
Zeal & Litta - Drop Top (Close 2 Death)
Zeal & Litta - Snitch (Close 2 Death)
Kleer, Zeal & Litta - Clear Seas (Influenza Media)

3 Diode Profile

Based Out of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, Producer/DJ, Diode (Alex Alejandro), has been making his mark in Drum & Bass culture for a few years now. His hard work and effort have been turning heads all over the globe. His diverse yet complex approach to the art of producing drum’n’bass has allowed labels to sign and release various tracks for the masses to enjoy. His first releases began in 2005 on Signal Recordings UK with Cyclone/Final Night along side Position Chrome's bad boy Cooh.

In 2007, Diode signed to Close 2 Death Records (UK). The tracks "No More Time" and "Noise" were the first of many tracks to get signed to the label. In 2008 Diode came stronger then ever with the bass wrenching hit "No Man's Land," hitting top 20 on Nu Urban's Release Charts for Close 2 Death records as well as "Power Junkie," for Close 2 Death via Beatport. Ending 2008, Diode and Cooh tagged again under the alias "HARM" and released "Headstomp" on well versed Prospect Recordings.

Forthcoming will be an assortment of tracks on various labels. Close 2 Death Records release of the dance floor hit Diode - Krion. Ammunition Recordings has the Diode - Time Soldier EP featuring First Kick, Binary, and Primal. Abducted Recordings is slangin' Antimatter / Dirt Nap. Belgium nuero-funk label, Mindtech Recordings has the Diode - Record Breaker EP. Also pending is the chest pumping dark jump up track "Gods" on Nightwalker Presents.

Moving forward, Diode will continue to tear out tune after tune. Fly by left and right to where ever he's got to go to get the sound out. Keep your ears to the ground from some of the best up and coming drum'n'bass the scene has to offer!

4 Rico and Scoop Profile

Rico and Scoop meet at a Thursday night club back in about 1998 at a venue named Steam, where Scoop was Mcing for Dj Milward and Rico was also Djing at the same event. Not long after we decided to get together and start working as a B2B set. Soon we landed ourselves a residency at the infamous club Atomic’s Pure Science in Maidstone and numerous other promotions. Rico and Scoop soon wanted to get on to the production tip so Rico got an Amiga with a programme called Octamed. “It was a pain in the arse” a very long process making beats, but we had to do this. We then moved up to Evolution a standard Midi sequencer but wanted to do we got hold of a copy of Cubase and have never looked back since. Rico got his first release out on Dj Phantasy's imprint with Shoby, another member of the Dangerous New Age circle, with a track entitled House of Death. The next release for us was Rico on Trouble on Vinyl, a tune entitled Fight Scenes. Our third release after that is called Survivors on Mc Fatman Ds Biological Beats with Cabbies Pink Socks on the A side, a real boost for us. Now Rico has had things out on Nightwalkers new label, Nightwalker Presents. Dangerous New Age Recordings is there own independent label and have just done there first vinyl release on there own label. with a split 12 with Taskhorizons UMan with the tune called Self Medication and Dragon Scroll which sold very well they have been doing alot of mp3s to for there label to and are signing some good artists to the label and also giveing up and coming artists the chance to get there tunes heard. Dangerous New Age Recordings have just been in talks with two of the scenes best techy artists and are getting a Prolix Remix of the first vinyl release Dragon Scroll and an Optiv tune from Cause For Concern on the flip as well as tunes from R regula and Dementia. So the future looks bright for the guys. Rico also has some stuff coming out with Close2death Recordings very soon. The next releases are the Future Echoes EP featuring Nomoney Zeal Diode And them selfs and they have been signed to Mindsaw Recordings for a tune called Gimmie a Beat..

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