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Feb 26, 2008
Implex & Enei 'SubLife LP', Respect Records CD #33 + 2 free 320 MP3


RESPECT Records presents the 33th cd release...



Evoking the senses through musical expressions, Implex and Enei's debut collaborative LP tells the story of mankind's journey through deep emotional states. The album forges the unique style of these two bright producers - a fine balance between alarmingly futuristic soundscapes and soulful grooves. Implex and Enei are known for their diverse range of drum n bass production and have previously released on some of the scene's most respected labels including Formation, Cyanide, Fokuz, Blue Saphire, and Covert Operations. The 'Sublife' LP will undoubtedly elevate their status, as well as provide a breath of fresh air for drum n bass fans. With support from some of the industry's top guns such as Hype, London Electricity, Nu:Tone, Loxy, Electrosoul System, ASC, Telemetrik, Naibu, and Sabre, Implex & Enei's 'Sublife' guarantees an emotionally heightened and switched-on listening experience.​

NU:TONE: "Trademark deepness with the unmistakable dancefloor edge. Absolute class!"

LOXY: "Sublife in my opinion is something fresh from some fresh talent. The album brings you a colourful variation of flavours that touches on the soulful to the deep to the futuristic"

ASC: "Enei & Implex have formed a great partnership within their recent productions, and this LP is definitely no different. They tread a fine line between the boundaries of many sub genres of drum and bass and shift their focus from style to style with ease. This is a great LP full of creativity, inspiration and love for the craft of production"

SABRE: ”Rich in soul - balanced with grit. A weighty collection of millennium basslines merged with the sonics of 90's Italian house and detroit techno”

RFCD033 (с) 2009
Made in St.Petersburg, Russia

Written & produced by Kirill Kalashnikov & Alexey Egorchenkov

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