I'm looking for a song.


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Nov 22, 2010
Hi. I'm new to the forum, so I hope this is the right place for my thread.
So anyway. I'm looking for a song that is part from the set "Disturbed" by Ben Sage.
I found 1 tracklist, but I didn't found the song I need.
I believe that the set is from 2008, but it may also be from 2004. I'm not quite sure.. :|
I know a very small part of the lyrics of the song - "I have/had once to proof her undying whisper".
If anyone have that set, the song that I'm looking for is from 45 min to 48 min. you can hear it clearly on 47 min..
For those who don't have the set - try this link click here. If the link don't work, please let me know and I will try to fix it.
The set is pretty amazing, btw. ;)
Thanks in advance for the help! :)

P.S: My English is not perfect.. Actually is not even good, so sorry about that.. :|
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