If you need help with warping in ableton live, i will help you.

Recently i found out how to warp in ableton live, and omg i been warping tracks left and right now.

For those of you who are new to music production or new to ableton live, i'm just going to fill you in on warping and why its important.

Lets say your DJing, and you have two tracks that you wanna mix in, the problem is, is that they have different tempos. What the fuck do you do, do you just mix it in with the different tempos. You can but OMG everyone will get mad and throw tomatoes at you.

When DJing, you must have two tracks that have the same tempo ALWAYS.

Warping in ableton live allows you to do that, Warping is the process of setting a song to a certain tempo given(global BBM). When two songs are at the same tempo, it will be more syncopated

Add me on skype and i will help anyone out personally because i do not feel like making a tutorial on it. I will walk you through the process of warping in ableton live


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