iDJr forum 320 giveaway + 5 new scorchers!


Beginning this month we will be featuring free 320 remix giveaways through our forum here

The first track featured is Override's remix of Blu Cantrel's "Hit 'em Up Style". Be on the lookout for forthcoming Override tracks on iDJR.

This month's selections include a subby ragga track by Krisko , two heavy tech stompers by Phantom , a pair of heatseeking rollers from Stylust, an extremely fresh sounding hip-hop/d'n'b effort from Screwball and Unknown's epic "Break the Cycle". Another wide variety makes its way into the catalogue as iDJR gets ever closer to a monumental 50 releases.

As if 5 new releases and a remix giveaway wasn't enough, we present Nitrous' Neuroteknology mix available from our mixes section. Guaranteed for maximum boost, this one will get rinsed for sure.