Icicle - Dreadnaught ft SP:MC OFFICIAL VIDEO UP NOW

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Feb 21, 2009
Icicle - Dreadnaught ft SP:MC OFFICIAL VIDEO UP NOW

"Dreadnaught is off the hook! Can't wait for the album." iDJ

"Killer!" Mixmag

Kicking off the new year in style we present our very own Mr Freeze with what is undoubtedly his biggest, sickest release to date. Taken form his forthcoming album 'Under The Ice' - get ready for the sound of the drone, the 'Dreadnaught'.

Check out the official video to Icicle's awesome forthcoming single 'Dreadnaught' with SP:MC on vocals HERE

Available on pre-order from Drum and Bass Arena NOW - watch the video and follow the link.

Video created by Badger @ Shogun


D Double U

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Dec 2, 2009
Brighton, UK
Not really about these vids...tune required something darker anyway imo,

Should have digitally replace the cast of star wars with the shogun team and ripped some appropriate scenes form the film, using the death star as the dreadnaught...

I want credit if that comes in your next vid ya erd?!
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