I think it's High time........

No, I'm not quoting a certain DJ Trax tune from the early 90s - But that tune is sick, especially the Nookie remix

Nor am I smoking....... Disappointing I know...............

No, its just high time I did something about this...........

Easy Ladies and Gents,

I'm Chav Guevara, DJ and Producer from the South/South West.

I've been fassing about for too long now. I'll give you an idea of just how long. I started mixing in the mid 90s and started producing in 2001….. Yeah… Not 5 mins ago.

Now, I got the guts to chat up any girl and square up to any bloke, but when it comes to sending your tunes off to labels…. well……. thats a different story init. It’s your pride and joy you’re talking about. Tuneage comes from the heart and soul. Nothing can tear down your confidence quicker than a shot directly to your soul.

But now, I think sod it. I’m well on the wrong side of 30 now. What am I gonna do with all these tracks I’m writing? It’s no good if only my wife hears them…. and she does, bless her….. generally 16 bar loops over and over and over……

So here I am, wiring into forums to recreate a link with a scene that I have actually been a distance from for a number of years now. I say I’ve been a distance like Ive been listening to other genres or something, but the truth is I just haven’t really been paying attention to new stuff on the scene. I pretty much live off of everything between 1992 and 2007. So I’ve not really been anywhere, just stuck in the past…….. I guess that’s what happens after you turn 30…….. I heard Inner City Life by Goldie on BBC Radio 2 the other day….. you know you’re getting on a bit when Radio 2 start playing anthems from your era…….

Anyway its time to get some tunes out there and make my contribution.

This is my soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/chav-guevara

I’m back in the jungle again…… It’s good to see you all

One Love

John Smackenroe

Hi Chav,

My name is John & I am a Heroin addict.

I didn't listen to your tunes or read a lot of that blurb, but I get the feeling you're a decent chap.

I saw something about not smoking, which is great because we all know chasing the old brown dragon is for queers & wogs, all the real niggas know that mainlining is the coolest & only option.

I'm glad we agree on that & have found this common ground in such a short space of time...

I am in a bit of a quandary though, my man got sent down for a hefty stretch at the courtesy of her majesty the queen, so I'm clucking like a fucking coup hen on heat.

If you can get hold of any decent scag, please drop me a PM.

Cheers Buddy, enjoy your time here.




VIP Junglist
Look John, we've had about enough of your antics here, poor Chav has gotten very upset with your ramblings! You need to get yourself into rehab mate, stop bothering us regular folk with your bullshit...

If you step out of line again, I will restrict you to posting in the Advertisements Forum only.

You've been warned Jonathan.