I listened to your advice, and this is what I came up with.

A few of you very helpfully posted in my thread yesterday regarding the bass in a track of mine, and how to get it sounding right because of the key of the song.

Through notching the bass down a few semitones, rearranging the notes, and working on the relationship between the kick, snare and bass, I managed to make everything sounding allot better.

I found what also really worked is to not only side chain the kick and the bass, but to side chain most of the instrumentation in the track.
Aside from a few main elements like the vocals and strings, I side chained allot of the mid range sounds and the pads to make the kick come through more, and it worked allot better.
I also turned the threshold more on the compressor of the sub to make the side chaining a little more aggressive.

The main mix is sounding good now, and when compared to other tracks in the genre I'm hitting in the same frequencies.

What I really needs now is to glue everything together and to (With my limited [no pun intend] ability) master the track to get a cohesive sound.

After bouncing the whole thing down into a new project, I've put on the output, the Logic limiter, an EQ and Limiter No6 by VladG (Not sure weather it's a common plugin or not - It's basically a compressor with three different types of limiters)
I presume I wouldn't ordinarily need both the Logic limiter and No6, but with them both on at the settings I've chosen they seem to work well together - the Logic one gluing everything together a bit more, and No6 making everything punchier

I've been playing around with it for a while now and have got something that sounds pretty good, but I wondered if any of you had any tips you could share for mastering drum and bass that might help me get it to sound better?

Thanks allot.

EDIT: Thought I should also make reference to the style of the track.
It's a remix of House/EDM type track, and I've done a jump up style D&B remix.
Out The Blue by Sub focus or the Matrix & Future bound stuff are similar, and I've been using those tracks to compare with.
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