Hyqxyz - Concrete (Dubstep)


My name is Jago (HYQXYZ)
Nov 6, 2009
Antwerp, Belgium
Hi everyone, I've been experimenting with some dubstep lately and this is what I've made. I'm quite happy with the overal track but there are a few elements that I would like to have some feedback on. Number one are the robot sounds after the drop, some people say they like them, others don't, so I'm not too sure what to do with them. An other problem is the buildup for the second drop. Does the silence ruin it? I kinda like it , but I want to hear your opinion!

https://soundcloud.com/hyqxyz%2Fconcrete Greets!


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Jun 9, 2008
sounds pretty sweet man. couple of the levels could do with a tweak maybe(pitch bend things)? don't think the silence ruins the build up at all. only other thing id say is it would be nice to hear more of the hats, or get some different hats in there on the drop/when the main synth is playing, cos they seem a bit drowned from where i am. still, i like it.

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
Typing as I'm listening.

I like the eeirie intro and build, works pretty well. I'd maybe layer a crunchier snare underneath the one you already have and boost thEQ around the low mids.

Bass is heavy, and sounds pretty crisp to me. Not keen on the high pitched squeel type sounds you got going on in there but whatever floats ya boat I guess.

Breakdown is a nice change of mood, and builds nicely back into the second drop.

You've definately come a long way since joining us mate. keep it up


Nov 22, 2010
well done m8!! keep the robot bass...if any1 doesn't like it its a matter of taste not quality..its sounds smooth and rough even at high volumes..not offensive to the hear but heavy and dirty, just the way we like it!!

you guys r killin me with these dubstep tracks! making 2 for my ep but i gotta get these dnb tunes done 1st as i promised myself!! u r making me want to jump ahead and do the dubstep tracks!!! sweet use of sample swells along with bass..niiiiiicccccee:)
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