HOWS MY MIXING??? Feedback needed


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lemme know what u all think

Alix Perez - Crooklyn
Claire Maguire - The Last Dance (Danny Byrd Remix)
Smooth - Music Takes Me Higher
Sigma - All Blue
Nu:Tone - Shine In ft Natalie Williams
Breakage ft Jessica Mills - Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)
Phace & Misanthrop - Non Human
Receptor - Autopsy
Xilent, Kloe & Imprintz - Gone
Black Sun Empire - Smoke (Sinthetix Remix)
Blackout - L.O.V.E (Hamilton Remix)
Breakage - Hard ft Newham Generals
Akala Vs Arctic Monkeys Freestyle


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ok, i'll listen to it. but stop making 2 threads for each mix mate!
i didn't listen to ur last one, coz i personally didn't like the tracks u played. this ones selection is better.

first off it sounds like you have the bass turned up too much. its not a great quality recording.

first mix ... i like crooyklyn but that danny byrd remix is pure garbage. the mix is ok, its beatmatched in time pretty well. u need to turn the bass down on the drums tho, it overpowers crooyklyn and doesnt fuse the 2 tunes together.

Smooth - Music Takes Me Higher - the mix is ok, the clashed vocals dont make for a clean blend.
watch ur levels aswell, u can see from the waveform how much louder this track is from the last one. and again i think u have the bass turned up too much. trust me when i say less is more. the recording is clipping and it sounds distorted.

all blue, mixed during the breadown of the previous tune. not the best idea but if ur new to mixing this is a common method.

Nu:Tone - Shine In ft Natalie Williams - its beatmatched ok, but u have the snare of this track locked with the kick of the previous track.. sounds awfull. no offence.

fighting fire - vocals clash in this lil transistion. you need to avoid clashing vocals its messy.

Non Human - mixed during fighting fire's breakdown.

will try and finish the rest later dude.
i hope that helped some what.
i think ur new to mixing, so dont be offended. its a great start. just work on where to place tunes in the mix and you'll find that they will drop together and change together.
try mixing a tune in with the bass turned down and then turn it back up when u switch tracks, will make for a smoother blend.

what kind of set up are u using? im guessing digital bassed on sigma all blue being in there.