Howitzer - Vibes - 3 deck dnb mix/mash up


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Hi all,
Ive been beavering away on my new mixer putting in some serious session time. Its been a little while since I liked a mix enough to get it put up for some critique, so I'm hopin this gets some love!

No funky dub plates unfortunately, not being a recognized dj yet I simply dont have access to the level of tunage some of you guys lay down in your monthly top 10's.
Never-the-less, Ive padded this out with some of my biggest faves which will hopefully scratch that minimal itch.
Ponderosa - dBridge & Calibre
Behind Time - Alix Perez
Bone Structure - Rockwell Ft. Zero Tolerance
True Romance - D Bridge and Vegas
Recycler - Break
Forgive Me - Enei
Crank - NOISIA
One DJ - A Sides
Control - Siren
Niche - Pessimist
Cold One (Jubei Remix) - Skeptical
Rebirth - Spy
DJ Friendly Unit Shifter - Rockwell
Dark Days ft Foreign Beggars - Alix Perez
Slow Down - Break
Process of Elimination - Skeptical
Full Circle - Rockwell
Redlines (Break Remix) - Total Science
Carbon - Jubei
Driftwood - Icicle ft. Noisia
Distrust - Jubei
State 808 - Alix Perez
Bittersweet pt 2 ft. Riya - Lenzman
Don't Want Your Love - Calibre

If you get a chance to listen I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback. The aspect im trying to nail down more with this is progression and flow.
Enjoy :)