Howitzer - Double-Shot. Big dnb mix; perez, icicle, noisia, etc


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Easy all,
Ive been busy crafting some new bass magic for all you lovely folk.
About an hour of double drops & cheeky blends of some of the freshest dnb I have (and some classic oldies ).

Ive tried to change up my mixing style a bit on pete87's recommendation and work with breakdowns to build energy and smash the roof off with some big DD's. I think its a cracker of a mix, but i'll let you be the judge.

All comments greatly appreciated, and enjoy
Aria - Rockwell
The Cut Deepens - Alix Perez ft. Foreign Beggars
Near Miss - System
Greazy - Need For Mirrors ft. Stapleton
Strange Science - Phace
Cracker - Enei
Arrows- ICICLE feat SP MC
Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix) - Rockwell
One Chance - Enei
Your Time Will Come - Break
Floating Zero - Noisia
Go With The Flow - S.P.Y
Dreadnaught - ICICLE feat SP MC
Messiah - Konflict
Deception - Noisia
Lowtide - Need For Mirrors
Live For The Moment - Rockwell
Dark Days ft Foreign Beggars - Alix Perez
Keeping Me - Hybris
2098 - Ulterior Motive
Forgive Me - Enei
Made Guy - Spinline
Martyr - Break (Spectrasoul)
Contact (Noisia Remix) - Foreign Beggars
Time Moves On - DJ Marky & S.P.Y
The Quest - Calyx & Teebee
Sky (Break Remix) - Survival
Atlas - Phobia
Crystalline - Noisia & Hybris
Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix) - BTK