Horizons Music Group News: Late March 2007

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    It's been a bit since I dropped dime on what's going on in the HMG camp, so I figured I'd be real quick and informative and let some info fly:

    First things first: it's been a long time coming, but the first full length album from any of the Horizons Music Group labels is currently available at the new website, horizonsmusic.co.uk. Progress presents "9th Wonder" is a 2xCD compilation of tracks featured on the set of 4 EPs that have dropped on Progress over the last couple of months (the 4th EP, PRG009, just dropped on white label).It features 11 unmixed tracks on CD1, all featured on the various EPs. CD2 is a massive mix by the one like Breakage, featuring EP cuts alongside forthcoming and exclusive tracks, only heard on this CD! If you are a fan of HMG or any of the '9th Wonder' EPs, snap this one up PRONTO!

    Also availabel in the promo section is the debut Horizons Music 12" from Brazil's XRS, who has recently signed exclusively to Horizons Music. "X-Type" has been making the rounds for quite some time, so its truly a treat to have this one available for purchase. You might also want to see if there are still copies of Saburuko's HZN019X, a mispress featuring "Brooklyn Summer" (due out officially on HZN020, later this year) b/w "North Face", which is exclusive to this limited mispress. www.myspace.com/saburuko for audio...

    Another new white is the sampler to the long-awaited Bachelors of Science LP for Horizons Music, "Science Fiction". The Aside features the BoS alongside Saburuko on "Dreams Come True", while Redeyes jumps in with the Bachelors for "Hold On". These two cuts can be heard at the Bachelors of Science myspace page, and are not only sick, but are just a taste of what you can expect on their album. More info on that when it becomes available...

    Finally, always make sure you are keeping your eyes peeled to the SPECIAL OFFERS section of the site. You can not only grab a white of something you need to add to your collection, but there are shipping discounts and such in there. Currently, you can find Skitty's HZN001 12", the Gremlinz/Stranjah CRISIS001 12", as well as a whole host of white label presseings from artists like Seba ft Robert Manos, Senses & Survival, Alix Perez & Specific's "Just Memories", Random Movement, Beta2, Redeyes, Sabre, Brooklyn, State of Mind and more!

    The store is still new, so please be patient as they are working the kinks out. And forgive the design of the site, everything is still in the beginning stages, expect more to come in the near future.

    Keep it HMG!