Hookerz - Mixology Part II - 3 deck mix


China Town
Elk zijnen dag...

I promised this mix would've been recorded from another point of view of the dnb genre,
too be honest a lot has changed since then...
Gaz made the final switch to dubstep, so i'll be playing solo again from now on.
My love for dnb has been on the down low for some time (but alive & kicking again)
Got in touch with the stuff i used to play few years back again...
So that's why this mix has the same purpose as the previous one, to show you guys what i would do playing out on a party
Had some free time on my hands & tried to do some 3 deck stuff, to my suprise i liked it a lot, so i'll be doing stuff like this whenever i get the chance to

This mix contains:

- 31 tracks
- 9 double drops
- 8 teases
- 5 classics
- 4 cigarettes
- 3 decks
- 2 beers
- 1 take

01 Davinche & Cleo Sol- Hero [Logistics Remix] (Black Canvas)
---> Bungle- Too Late (Critical)
02 Noisia- Deception (RAM)
---> Moving Fusion- The Beginning [Keaton & Hive Remix] (RAM)
03 Raiden & Khanage- King Stays King (Offkey)
---> Digital & Spirit- Phantom Force (Function)
04 Calibre & MC Fats- Drop It Down (Signature)
05 dBridge & Artificial Intelligence- Better Days (Liquid V)
06 Phobia & Jubei- The Fugitive (Coded Music)
07 Nymfo- Social Isolation (31)
---> High Contrast- Racing Green (Hospital)
08 Phace & Noisia- Thrillseekers (Subtitles)
09 High Contrast- When the lights go down (Hospital)
10 Delano- Big Bad & Heavy [Logistics Remix] (Philly Blunt)
---> Logistics- Together VIP (Hospital)
11 Nymfo & Proxima- Secret Lab (Inneractive)
12 Q-Project- In 2 Deep (CIA)
13 Spectrasoul- Tectonic (DSM)
---> Break- Submerged [Calyx & Teebee remix] (Subtitles)
14 Alix Perez- Voices (Shogun Audio)
15 Nymfo- Magnetic field (CIA)
16 Icicle- Cold Revenge (Renegade Hardware)
---> Fierce & Break- Hooligan (Quarantine)
17 Logistics- Murderation (Hospital)
18 Kasra & Cyantific- The Outer Limits (Critical)
19 Break- Let It Happen VIP (Shogun Audio)
---> Mist- Outerspace (Soul:r)
20 Total Science, S.P.Y. & Riya- Testimony (Clear Skyz)
21 Fracture & Neptune- Clissold (Astrophonica)
22 Rockwell- Underpass (Critical)
---> Omnio Trio- Renegade Snares [High Contrast Remix] (Moving Shadow)

Bitrate: 192kbps (CBR)
Playtime: ~60 mins
Filesize: ~84 MB

Links: Directlink aka rightclick save as...
Dnbsharelink: http://dnbshare.com/download/Hookerz_Mixology_part_II.mp3.html

For the people who didn't hear it yet & are interested in doing so, part 1 is still available overhere: clicketie click

Again big thx goes out to the people supporting me over the years giving me a chance to play out at there events & radio, you know who you are!