Hi! Track: Miami


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Jan 23, 2008
Hello, i don't post much but i will start doing so. I have been making lots of scrap songs for quite a while and i have been learning in the process. I would like to share one of those songs that i quite enjoyed and felt that it was worth sharing :).

The track is called Miami because i feel it has a nice mellow relaxing tune, and a bit of jungle kicks in about half way in the song to give it that club dance feel to it. I am still learning however so this may not be as good as other more advance producers here but i am learning and making tunes like mad at the moment since i enjoy doing it.

Without further babbling on, i present to you Miami by myself:


P.S. Sometimes boomp3 can be a bit slow at steaming at the moment but you can download the song and listen using your favorite media player if that is the case.
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