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Never been into Forums but I'm trying to get my music out to the masses around the world so I figure this is a great place to start.

My Dj name is Contrast, I came up with Breakdown Thursdays through Dj Fury,D.Ecco & Sabotoge, Curious MC,MC Dino, Vortex, and Diverse long side the Turbo Crew, and Ladies nights at Vinyl with Dj MLE in Denver CO. I started getting in to the Electronic music scene in the mid 90's break dancing at raves carrying over my roots as a hiphop lover, I turned to the drum and bass rooms almost immediately. Learning to Mix in 99-00' and Trying to bring everything we had every time we (as Contrast & Vortex) played for a crowd it soon got us some love being able to open for just about every great Drum and Bass name in the game ( Andy C & MC GQ, Red One, Craze, Planet of the Drums, Tech Itch & Dylan, and many many more) Now days I am a solo dj with alot of Direction in the Hipstep/Zulu Familys trying to bring the true roots of the Electronic hiphop movement to the for-front of US Culture. I am currently Working with Dcypher,Soopa MC TC Izlam, Stevin Ryan, and Dj Addiction. Check out my tunes and my mixes, there will always be more comming to download them cause they won't last long!


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