Hey everybody, brand new, link to my first attempt at a quality song included

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    Aug 26, 2012
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    Go by "heart @ttack" for my producer title, name is charles, age - 27
    Music style, i like poppy ass dnb, not even going to pretend. I want something catchy, but at the same time, i want it to be heavy, and really like songs that have a rock structure to them. Breakdowns, things like that. Started listening to electronic music probably around the time the fat of the land came out, and smack my bitch up is still one of my, if not my favorite, song in any sort of genre.
    music making wise.....
    Started messing around on fruity loops when i was about... 15, 16. Over the years id randomly make a song here or there, but never really leanred or progressed, in the last couple of months i started recording vocals with reaper, and then got back into FL and learned alot about all the possibilities of the program and how much i had overlooked, and also, how difficult, frustrating, and time consuming it all really can be. Made my first track with an acceptable MIX if you will, in which i turned everything down so my peak sounds were hitting around -6dbfs, and through the limiter on the master when i exported and messed with the ceiling and gain. I uploaded it to sound cloud, and heres a link, if i should post this somewhere else scold me appropriately