Hey DNB Forum ! :)


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Hi guys !

So we've finally made an account here yesterday ! Really glad to be joining this community :) Just to quickly introduce ourselves ; we've been producing Dubstep and experimenting in finding the right mixdown for our tunes for about 3 years and DJ'ing in Warsaw for about 4 maybe 5 and a half.

We love Drum&Bass but never had the time to actually focus on the technical side of things so recently we've been producing / experimenting with Neuro / Liquid / Breaks / Chill . We have an EP on the way although I think it will be more oriented towards Dubstep / Electro . And as far as DNB goes we are trying to sign a few tracks we did couple weeks back and see how things go from there.

Don't know if the forum sig works and I guess to change the avatar you have to comment and be active for a while right ? :)

Anyway, already found some really insightful and inspirational threads here <3 We are glad we could network with you guys and contribute.