Help for a beginner


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Nov 20, 2010
Hey guys. I'm new here and the reason why I'm posting this is that I've been thinking about starting DJing and would use any help and tips. I've read many guides lately and also these "vinyl vs. CD" debates, and I think this digital system would suit me better since I have all of my music on computer and CDs and I don't own any vinyls.

I've been planning to get this new controller called Numark Mixtrack Pro, I've read so many great reviews of it and it's only around 200 euros. I also looked at Numark iDJ2 and iDJ3's but somehow I still have a feeling this Mixtrack Pro is better. What do you guys think?
Also, if I buy it, do I need anything else? I already have headphones and speakers in my room, and at this point of my life I'm just thinking about bedroom DJing.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I asked some stupid or obvious questions. I'm just a beginner, I think I understood this digital DJ thing pretty well just by reading guides on internet but still could use any help :)
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