Help finding my sound circa 98-99

Hi to all. New to the forum and looking for a bit of guidance. After a couple of years of Techno, I would love to find someof the old dnb tunes I used to listen to back in the day (my day that is :)).

I used to go to AWOL nights and the likes back in '98-'99 and I'm looking for the paticular 'sound' i loved from that time. Having looked into a bit myself, I'm thinking it's leaning towards the techstep side, maybe touching on neurofunk (which I understand was the natural progression of things?)...but having listened to a few true neurofunk tunes on youtube...full on neurofunk is a bit harsh compared to what I remember.

I've got all of these tunes in my head...just hard to obviously find them as they lack any lyrics - which is usually just the way I like it, apart from the odd sci-fi quote or some obscure line like that :)

I just listened to Ed Rush and Optical's 'Travel the Galaxy', which is very much like what I am blabbing on about, but if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be of great help!

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again proberly bad company / renagade hardware .... plus no need to post the same thread twice under different titles ... cheers thanks ........ and welcome