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    hello my name is alfonz de la mota i own & operate sur america records i just wanted to say hello because it is me or refer rick who post with this screen name here is my bio you can read it iver if you like.
    alfonz de la mota

    ALFONZ DE LA MOTA, locked & loaded-sur america records
    Alfonz De La Mota originaly started his relationship with drum n bass music in the early 90's attending and later promoting his own "rave" events. 1994 was the year his career as a dj began, playing random after hours, loft parties and raves. Playing a mixture of underground hip hip and jungle-drum n bass he was a fav in the local circuit. Over the 10 years of playing in many clubs and full scale events accross the midwest and east coast his style has progressed and changed many times. This change and search for new sounds and elements to add to his average dj set has allowed him to collect a wide spectrum of drum n bass music. Currently playing a range of smoother liquid tunes that can progress to the harder style of drum n bass depending on the vibe potential in the venue. He also plays under the alias "Soljazz" when playing along side his conga player or turntablist improvisor maddjazz. As a producer no two tunes are the same, his 1st release produced along side label mate mYke D is called "Sol" and will be released under the sur america records label in mid december 2004. for more info check the sur america records web site www.suramerica.rollin.com also known as soljazz and 1/2 of drum n bass production team "LOCKED & LOADED"

    www.suramerica.rollin.com :idhitit: