Hello fellow junglists,

I am Elegant Smirk, a music enthusiast and chair raver. Hopefully, I will learn how to mix after entering university, because my free time and money are severely limited for the time being.

Some of my favorite producers are Bachelors of Science, Klute, Technicolour & Komatic, S.P.Y , dBridge, Calibre, B-Complex

All-time favorite tunes:
Bachelors of Science - The Ice Dance
Klute - Come Back To Me
dBridge - True Romance VIP

[Unnecessary text about my dnb history]

DnB was a life-changing find for me. (Bear in mind that DnB is almost unknown in Greece.)

4 years ago, I was watching a video which had a Pendulum song (Hold your colour, I still like this one). As usual, whenever I would hear a song I liked from a band/artist I didn't know about, I would search about that band/artist. The wikipedia article said that pendulum was a drum and bass group. I didn't know what the heck dnb was back then, so I checked the dnb article. Unfortunately tl;dr happened, naive young me was bored to read the whole article... But I got the basic idea by reading the beginning of it.

A couple of weeks later, Winamp asked for an update. I would never install any extra features, but that time, I was lucky enough to suddenly think about trying the extra features, namely Shoutcast. Browsing the radio genres, I found this unique genre I had recently found. Bassdrive was the first radio in the list, so I clicked that one... Stolen Hours show by Technicolour, I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. Well, the rest is history...

And that's how a series of random events, introduced me to one of my greatest loves so far: Drum and Bass.

[/Unnecessary text about my dnb history]

I suppose that's enough. See ya in the forums. Amen, brothers!