Heist/Fanu- Makepeace/Are You Someone's Prayer remix

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    Heist- Loyalty
    Eastern dischordance sets the mood
    live on a saturday night. Cutting drums stride in to view,
    rolling out the skippy edits nice and smooth. Hoisting up
    the glitches over cunning vocal snippets from 50's TV
    shows. Extra dancing percussion keeps the groove
    rolling and a belly full of bass weighs down the bottom
    end. All of the elements of this track cascades forth
    naturally driving the momentum forward. A roller in
    every sense of the word....

    Fanu - Are You Someones Prayer (Miracle Remix)

    Guns are loaded, basslines are locked
    and percussion readied. Taking it's cue from the hyper
    chopping of Fanu's original track this rips it up wholesale
    before kicking it's bassline where it really hurts. Dubwise
    floaty subs sometimes hit those notes which are like a
    sucker punch right in the eye. That's not to say that this
    track doesn't have it's subtlety as it's sublime breakdown
    proves. Warm synthwork joins the mayhem before
    reversed filtered danger pervades the aftermath. This is
    purely addictive stepping mayhem with some fills to die
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    oh yes.. FS keeping up the pressure on VINYL!!!