Drum & Bass [halfstep/dnb](((CollectiveONERadio))) episode 001 -Super Deep! FREE download:)

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    **Every other Tuesday @ 2am (EST)**
    This show will showcase the deeper side of electronic music consisting of dnb//dubstep//bass//ambient (but mostly dnb;)
    It will be recorded "live" from my house and then FREE to listen from an on-line radio station from SoCal called "Surge Radio"
    The set's will be mostly off the cuff, uncut ,dj miXes recorded on two pioneer 850's//djm400 mixer//zoom H1 recorde r(no computer).
    I say "mostly off the cuff" b/c i will showcase studio mixes sometime's and will also have 30 min guest mixes from other artist's at some point:)
    I also plan on the show evolving into video stream w/ live chat.
    This is something I have wanted to do for awhile now and i hope you(the listener's:)enjoy the show as much as i do creating it!