Grooverider @ Ransom (5/4/2002)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Grooverider @ Jo Jo's, Stroud Friday 5th April 2002

Ransom have been putting on successful nights at Jo Jo's for a while now, and with past guests like Andy C, Zinc and Hype, you know you cant go wrong.
We arrived at about 10.30 pm, and after queueing for about 5 minutes, were swiftly admitted.
Walking into this small club reminds you of a themed disco, with cheesy decor featuring mummies and bright, flourescent paint. Now my mum always told me if you havent got anything nice to say about someone, you shouldnt say anything at all. Thats why Im not going to say anything about DJ SE, apart from that he played for about an hour, and was accompanied by Mcs Loco and Blest. Following up from him, and stepping up the pace was Ransom founder, Dj Access. Opening with crowd-pleaser, LK, Access came and Access destroyed. He's nothing near as well known as SE and this, in my opinion is criminal, but dont get me started . Access' set featured mainly new material such as 'Reach Out remix', 'You Got Me Burning' and Origin Unknowns 'Stand Clear' remix, and by the time he put on his last tune everyone was ready and hyped for the godfather of drum n bass.
Grooverider, fresh back from the previous weeks Miami Music Conference, squeezed into the DJ box, and proceeded to assualt the senses of everyone in there. From the first tune (Truly One 2k2) through to the last, every one was a winner, some even getting the double rewind treatment. Highlight of his set for me was the new 'Global Love' remix, which just about made missing Fabio's Radio 1 show bearable. Suppling their lyrical talent were resident MCs Dread and Drop.
Taking on the unenviable task of following on from the 'Rider, was Crash Recordings' Dj Poison. After seeing him many, many times, I knew he would not disappoint! Controlling the already hyped crowd with some of the phattest tunes the scene has to offer seemed easy; Dillinja's 'Thugged Out Bitch', Total Science's 'Hammerhead', Roni's 'Playtime', the list goes on.
All too soon though, his set drew to a close, but when Donovan Smith stepped up, the crowd knew the night was not yet over. I've always respected Donovan for playing a mix of old and new tunes and tonight was no different. Tearing apart the dancefloor most, was Dj Die's old-skooly "Hey DJ", one of many tunes coming from the Full Cycle camp. Before we knew it, the tunes had been turned off and we were being kicked out into the cold morning air, but hearing some of the sets tonight made it all worthwhile.

Next event: Ed Rush, Optical and Rymetyme. May 2002 - Jo Jo's, Stroud.

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