Label Grinda - Soulspring EP [Respect Records RFDD012]


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Respect Records present:
Grinda - Soulspring EP

Soulspring EP opens the surprising musical talent of Russian producer Grinda and represents a delightful chain of events and emotions in bits, vibrations and melodies harmoniously developing into uniform creation! The album plot transfers history of alien romanticist, who is asking questions and searching for answers, dreaming and loving as we are. He tells about the experiences and adventures on other planet by the universal language of music. Together with him we go to the dizzy world of imaginations and dreams where everyone is valuable and unique as each tune of Grinda's EP!

1. Soulspring
2. Did You Ever Ask Me (ft. Ishvari)
3. Dayana
4. Quite Stars
5. The Wind In A Tree
6. Lullaby

Written & produced by Grigoriy Martynov
Mastered by Audiomontage
Design by Kick&Ban

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