Greetings and Respect to all the Elders and Youth on this forum!

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    Jun 14, 2015
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    I am a fledgling DJ/Producer who is seeking knowledge and a community!

    Although I've used this forum many times for production knowledge and finding new music, now that I am in a position to really pursue my own musical creativity, I am seeking wisdom regarding chopping up breaks, bass lines, mixing/mastering, plus all other production techniques, and general fun and communication with other junglists & bassfaced individuals who want to crush The System with the sounds of our drums and bass!

    I just had a remix I made of Busy Signal's "Well Prepared" professionally mixed and mastered, just to give it away for free to any and all like-minded individuals who might enjoy! Please check it out and follow me on Twitter, and like my Facebook page for more Babylon crusher material and sounds, with some added wise information!

    One love!

    Wize Child