greeeetings :)

hey there all!

Stumbled across the forum following a link from google (was looking for the answer to a question... cant remember what it was now tho!) - ended up spending the best part of 2 hours getting side-tracked ;)

ive only started getting into Bum&Face in the last year and a half. But now i wonder how i got through a day without it :D

I live in Bristol so we get plenty of action - i've been promising myself a weekend away from stomping for 9 months now... ;) it'll happen soon!

i've very recently (in the last 3 months) started mixing - still oh so raw lol! but patience and all of that! so any tips throw em my way!

I enjoy listening to any aspect of D&B but my real love is some good dark tunes - the heavier the better ;)

anyway! will stop chattering away - excellent forum and lookin forward to becomin part of the community :)