GRAM Agency present KEMO MC [Soul:R::DSB::Detail Recordings]

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    At GRAM we are proud to welcome Kemo on board with a non exclusive contract. Kemo has been working with the scenes most exciting producers ranging from
    the Upbeats, Lynx and Alix Perez. 'The Raw Truth Lp' with Lynx was hailed by many Drum&Bass heavyweights as a landmark production - most notable
    was the reaction of electronic music legend Lauren Garnier simply calling the album 'Brilliant'. 2010 sees more vocal work from Kemo so keep your ear to the
    ground for that distinctive low growley voice..

    KEMO MC [Soul:R :: DSB :: Detail Recordings]


    KEMO’s global upbringing has allowed him to absorb to a wide variety of cultures and experiences, a fact that is clearly reflected in his musical work:
    he is currently also working on Dubstep, Techno, Broken Beat and Hip Hop tracks with a producers as varied as Zed Bias, A-Sides, Calyx&Teebee and Breakage.
    Furthermore, KEMO is currently initializing a solo music project that can only be hinted at as "profound". KEMO has been working the global music scene for two years now,
    touring New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Japan, USA and all over the UK & Europe. His unique style has made him a regular at fabric and won him
    nomination as Best Newcomer MC in 2009.