GPK - Vector Sigma / Percocet Nightmare (Bad Ace Inc remix)

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Vector Sigma
Very, very big things are lurking from the other side of the Atlantic & the american onslaught of new artist's rises from the city of Pittsburgh.
Chunky drum kicks pound the front end of the speakers while phased steam FX rise from each quirky futuristic wave form, making light work of the intro & flowing directly into the mechanical core. Delayed robotic vocals allow access to level 2 where processed hi-hats tap & chatter repeatedly among each other then are suddenly drowned out by the huge pneumatic press which is stamping ID numbers on every part that passes it's way.
A quick look around & your faced by the chief operator of this gigantic project who politely informs us that 'Factories are busy manufacturing weapons to be used against the greatest threat the world has ever known......evil super powerful robots' then believe me it's on from here.
'Prepare for battle' is the only warning your getting as an onslaught of staggered kicks combined with missle precision reese cuts fire themselves at the helpless cymbal crashes which try to move out of the way but are forced to run for their lives as a ground attack soon begins from the tank division basslines. Quick drum breaks & very subtle retractions of kicks allow new patterns to be created so as you reach the end of 4 or 8 bars you get some very clever drops which will have you switching your crossfader for that instant crowd reaction & it's not going to take much to gain it.
After finding a spot to hide out in the mad scientist who told you about this crazy threat to human society catches you up & informs us that you'd better prepare for some more vicious warfare, as the energetic reese screams past your ear & straight into the side of that juggernaut size bass.
Every part of this track is pumping like it's alive & wants to burst through your sound system, but the only way to control this is either by turning it down or removing the plate from your deck & really you don't want to do that do you!!

Overall 9/10

Percocet Nightmare (Bad Ace Inc remix)
Now the original was good, no in fact the original was awsome & to get a remix of the same calibre or higher was going to be a task but Bad Ace all I can say is wow!!
Very post-psychedelic chimes work alongside an either stranger conversation of a lady opening up about her dreams then suddenly morphing into the devil with some neat FX added to her whacky insights. Well executed vocal cuts bounce against one another then begin to follow the slick drum patterns flow only to be scattered across the floor & picked up once again by a swift punch to the solid jaw. Nail biting hi-hats & baby size amen cymbals scurry across the drums while the positive sounding snare is probably the only thing which seems quite sane in this warped d&b saga.
Can things get any more weirder in this Alice in Wonderland tale?Yep, believe me when the first break hits you it's only gonna get more twisted as what can only be described as an epic euro love song ballad is somehow introduced then expect the complete opposite to evrything you've just heard.
Sky dive reese attacks soar aggressively really taking centre stage of the track but then suddenly get knocked out of site as one hell of a 303 bass rises from the ashes & gets in among the action. The intro vocal cuts are re-introduced bouncing of any sound they can find then completly disappearing, while the steady kick drums roll non-stop underneath the manic high-end reese always keeping in check with each switch the Bad Ace has developed along the truely frightening path.

This is Jekyll & Hyde on acid while rampaging through the streets of london, if you want something for those special nights grab this.

Overall: 9/10

Well what can I say as a debut release for a label & artist's who have barely been in the game 2 seconds, this is going to be massive. Already been sniffed around by the big players watchout 2005 a new crew is coming your way.

Coming On: Reapa Records