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Feb 15, 2003
balloch, scotalnd
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Track Listing

Part one

01.intense - witness
02.intersperse - enorasis
03.rantoul - changeling
04.J-Laze - lakez
05.sonic generation - so far
06.J-Laze - chinz & grinz
07.rantoul - on the edge
08.nookie - solstice
09.blu mar ten - B.R.O
10.cascade - mysteries
11.future engineers - echo location
12.intense - shara

Part 2

12.intense - shara (continued from pt1)
13.makoto - blackberry jam
14.PFM - the western (mikes ricochet mix)
15.intersperse - perennial spring
16.future engineers - timeshift
17.intersperse - new fields of emotion
18.intersperse - haunting winds (dodgy minidisc remix)
19.intense - distruction
20.rantoul - default
21.PFM - one and only (2002 rework)
22.greenfly - G funk

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