Goldie – 6 Mix 2013-03-22 (Goldie's influences)

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    “DJ and producer, Goldie looks back at the music that has sound tracked his 20 year career.
    Goldie was introduced to drum & bass and jungle by DJ Kemistry and production duo 4hero back in 1991 and went on to work for their Reinforced record label. Fast forward four years and his seminal 1995 debut album, Timeless (signed to Pete Tong’s FFRR label) went straight to number 7 in the album charts. It became a ground-breaking release in the dance genre and spawned the iconic track Inner City Life. Goldie rose to prominence in the Nineties through his albums Timeless and Saturnz Return and collaborations with everyone from David Bowie to KRS-One. He also launched of his label, Metalheadz .
    2013 sees Goldie celebrate 20 years as a recording artist and to commemorate this, he has released The Alchemist – an unmixed, triple-disc compilation. The album includes one new track, Single Petal Of A Rose, but is mainly a retrospective of his recording work to date. The compilation covers early jungle highlights through to Goldie’s remixes. In this special 6 Mix programme, Goldie looks back at his two decades in the industry and the music that has inspired his career.”
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    Nice upload!!! I first heard "Inner City Life" on MTV's Amp'd series. Loved the song so much that I had the local record shop (yes, remember those?) order Timeless for $30 shipped from over the pond. Well worth the money even though the cd was pinched a couple years later. Been a Goldie fan since then.

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    Not much different but interesting to hear his version of Terminator. Has some odd bits added to the beat. The released version sounds much more polished.
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    I think he mentioned this when he was on frictions show the other week. It's the original copy that he mixed on the fly