Gloucester OMG!

So we started up 9 monthes ago, with no dj's, pretty much no scene, no partys to go to, and I think we have achieved quite a lot!

So we have another party on tonight. Venues not the greatest, but its seriously the only one we can have in Gloucester, the rest is cheese 7 days a week and they all hate any underground music. If you know Gloucester your sympathy will be with us!

So we have another party tonight, and from getting 20 heads through the door to slowly getting 150 then 200, im so proud of our lot they really do work hard. Big Them Up Please.

This is tonight so Get your backsides down! Our 8th Month of fortnightly Drum and Bass, Tonight we have 1/2 hour of hardcore from Sniper and some Old Skool B2B the 2nd 1/2 Hour From Nathan J, and drum and bass then all night. Its a B2B Session showcasing Aftershock Radio's Djs tonight, out in Full Force, and Guest Appearance from Big P (1xtra) whos back With Aftershock Radio after his hectic summer schedule!
See you there!

Keeping the Local Djs where they belong, on Local Line ups! Come and check Donovan Smith, renowned for his tight mixing and party Tune selection on the 22nd October alongside MC Juiceman, another Party Vibe stepping DnB soldier. Both these artists have been around the circuits at Raves, Fantasia, Global Gathering, the list is endless.....

And Dylan, whos just moved to the South West, so we're taking full advantage of this heavyweight Dj. With Anger Management, Freak Recordings and Obscene Recordings, 5th November is Firework Night and its definatly going to go off with a bang because this Dj plays it disgustingly dirty. Its going to be hard and fast, from Therapy Sessions to London, now Therapy Sessions in Bristol we're in for a treat in Gloucester. Seriously Not for the faint hearted............

To Top all that off, you've got the Aftershock Radio Residents on Rotation aswell! And for £4, you really cant complain. Gloucesters Aftershock Radio Crew Invite you to thier 9th Month Into Promoting Solid Good Party Music for Gloucester, and if you havent heard about us yet your missing out!

Slowly Building These Nights up, and one thing Im proud to Promote is such hard working Dj's!
Big Up Gloucester, we're getting there!

Thanks to the continual support from the people that matter. ;o)