Genesis Nights - Drum & Bass Weekly (Live) #011

Skatman B

Jun 11, 2009
First mix of 2012 and as always we go in deep. Recorded and broadcast live on by DJ Skatman B. Remember to please subscribe to 'Genesis Nights' on iTunes

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Arkaik - Headskill ft. MCXL [Diffrent dub]
June Miller - Half Top Feelings (Amoss Remix)
Foreign Concept & DBR UK - Radiation
Mortem - The Touch
Pessimist - Ganesha
Subwave - The Mines
Fierce & Vicious Circle - Section VIP
L 33 - Inferior [Hustle Audio dub]
Cohere - Hydro
Jekyll - My Dentist [Diffrent dub]
Fathom Audio - Defence (Skeptical Remix) [Freedom 35 dub]
Philth - The Game [Flexout Audio dub]
Subwave - Aeeeh
Command Strange - Carnival
Klute - Shy Piece

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headskill - quality track, looking forward to the ep a lot
> half top feelings - large mix, rolling very nicely
> radiation - very nice again
> the touch - cool
> ganesha - works really well with the previous vocals
> the mines - badboi track, definitely needed to come in for the intro. nice
> section vip - bass switch works well
> hydro - hadn't heard this one before, quality track
> my dentist - nice
> defence remix - love this track, looking forward to the original as well
> the game - sweet
> aeeeh - as if i havent picked this album up yet. massive
> carnival - yessss this is big. love how he can make such soulful tracks and then kill it with deeper stuff as well
> shy piece - nice set ender

quality set mate, your tracklists are always varied and its a good representation of what's good right now. keep em coming! :)
I have listened but have yet to feedback.

love some of the dubs in this mix. Opening tune is a killer.
Diffrent got the dubs atm!

nice one Skatman B!
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