Future13 D004 OUT NOW!!!


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Aug 18, 2008
Xio Sun & Future13 Present…

Future13 D004 OUT NOW!!!

Future13 D004 OUT NOW!!!

d.Springbass&Oilygear-Golosa (Oilygear VIP)

Future13 BIO

Future13rec. [RUS. Novosibirsk]
What do your know about the future? How do you see your part in this world in your life in future? What can you do for the future, that it would be more like your positive imagination of it?Many people live their lives, looking on everything through «pink glasses», they disparage many global dramatic changes that happening in this world, they don't imagine that every step can be fatal. Only small part of humanity really understands that our civilization is now staying on threshold of catastrophe.

Bio Oilygear

Pshenichnykh Michael (aka Oilygear) was born in the city of Liski in 1987. Has started to listen to electronic music in 2004. In 2006 has started to write the tracks together with other participants Fresh Fish Cuts crew, and already after a while has received good responses from known Russian producers and djs. Experimenting in a writing of own music, namely techno drum and bass, finds own style – a mix psy soundings and heavy fast techno-dnb.

Bio Springbass

Dmitry Naumov (aka Springbass) was born in the city of Novosibirsk in 1989Started listening to electronic music in 2005. In late 2006 began trying to write a music in the style of drum & bass.The first big step came this kollab and good reviews from Russian and foreign producers. Currently, continues to experiment and find their sound.

Amex Bio

Amex was born in Germany 1981. With the age of 9 he tried to learn Piano for several years, but it was doomed to fail, because he came in contact with the first breakbeats through his brother 1993. 1997 the step to first drum and bass experiences was consequent. Thus starting music production with Proppellerhead's Rebirth in year 1998, moving to the next level with Yamaha's RM1x hardware sequencer in year 2000, played a decisive part in Amex' life. Consequently he developped himself and knew to take the next step, in year 2003 Cubase became the music production tool nr. 1 until now.
On the way to find his final sound, namely "percussive halfbar Techno (DnB)", he tried alot and failed alot. Finally the time has come...

Asphexia Bio

Asphexia Project was founded by brother and sister, Michael and Marina(aka Faib) Tovkach from Moscow, Russia. Michael, who had music education, has been keen of music and sound equipment since early childhood. In 1998 he has heard Drum & Bass music for first time, it was the Storm Radioshow, he became to learn, investigate this kind of music, and also started his first steps of Drum & Bass producing.
Firstly the main producing instrument was FL Studio
2.5, then, with using Propellerhead Reason, new horizons of producing were opened, new abilities became available. Now Asphexia project is using Cubase + Reason.
Michael has been producing music for about 4 years when his sister, Marina, also inspired with Drum & Bass music. They decided to combine efforts to increase the quality of sound and bring out new ideas in music. Their music can be characterized as Techno Drum & Bass, Technoid.
There’s been nothing heard about Asphexia project for a long time because Michael is a very modest man, he thought that their works is pretty «raw» and the quality of sound is not so high as it required.
Today Asphexia project tracks are played by Iant (Lemiwinks), Amex, Walder, Proket, Malsum, Masheen, Sunchase, Cooh.
Project has number of releases on Tilt-Free, HMSU, Melting Pot Digital, also forthcoming releases on Ennex (12” Vinyl Release!) and Flight Recordings, and now we are glad to represent Asphexia’s release on Future 13!

Structural Bio

Structural was born in Lodz, the capital of drum and bass genre in Poland, and still lives here. His adventure with
that music started in early 2002, but it was not that serious that got in 2004, when he started deejaying on his
classmate's turntables. His first event came really fast [the beginning of 2005], then he joined local Drombo Crew
and had a bunch of gigs with them round the country, in the meantime trying to produce his own beats. However, his
first serious tunes were done just present year [second half of 2008]. He quickly got released on labels such

Future13, Melting Pot and Tilt. Influenced by Kemal, Pyro, Stakka&Skynet & mo' stuff from the beginnings of 2000,
he still enjoys more Techstep style than any other.

Dialogue, Demo, Info:
E-Mail: futurerec@gmail.com
ICQ: 3778193322 (Xio Sun)

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