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    Ez All..

    As we got a fair bit to get through this year in terms of releases, we figured it would be easier to keep it all to one thread!

    FTREC1207 - Eveson - f: DirtyHabits t: Anywhere Anytime

    Now avaliable in MP3 format from FT Digital & all other major online retailers!!


    FTDIGREC04 - Inner Edge EP - Future Thinkin's 1st offering of 2010 is one that's to cement the labels identity
    and sound in the minds of the D&B Masses with 4 quality tracks, from artists we hope to be working with a lot
    more in future!

    1st up we have C-Kret's "Fiendish" or "Footz" as its become know in the FT camp! Serious Subs & Rugged Stabs provide a solid foundation for everything else that follows. We really feel this track!

    Next is Scorched from FT newbie Sato! This can only be described as Simple, Clean, Uncluttered Dancefloor D&B, there's no mistaking this one when it drops!!

    FT Label Artist Nusense returns with another slice of Rhythmic goodness! Integra is the track you'll be humming on the way home!

    And finally Saburuko's London ( released on Future Thinkin
    Records) gets the Eveson treatment! London Rmx has been getting strong support in the Headz Camp. Its fresh, inventive, and respects the original while taking the vibe up a level or 3!

    If you fancy a listen, the Inner Edge Sampler can be DL'd from our FT Digital Page

    Release Date: 25th Jan 2010


    Forthcoming Releases...

    GRIMM F: "Fire" T: "Anxiety" by GRIMM & NUSENSE [ MP3 & Vinyl ]

    SINTEZ F: Arabian Nights T: Need You [ MP3 ]


    We've also got releases lined up from Flatliners, 2ndCityBlue, Motta, Mode and more. Info will be posted in the next few weeks..

    Keep it F.T.....:twothumbs