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    Jan 27, 2010
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    West Yorkshire
    Excitng times!!

    Been away for a while building my empire (not actually lying) but i'm gna be back on the airwaves from 5-7pm on what's still 'THE' leading station for underground music in the north of England.... The mighty Radio Frequency!

    Expect a lot of fresh beats, old beats, fast beats slow beats.... (u get where i'm goin with this). Tunes from the likes of Serum, Ray Keith, Rockwell, Alix Perez, Goldie, Paradox, Breakage, Theory, Equinox, Manifest, Survival, Prolific, Subwave, Dillinja, Roughcut, System, Kryptic Minds, Lynx, Zero T, Commix, D-Bridge, Lomax, DJ Zinc, Keaton, Concord Dawn, Black Sun Empire, Calibre, Danny C, Phobia, Loxy & Ink, Noisia, Calyx, Spor, Ice Minus, Photek, Tech Itch, Donny.... i'm just gna stp there cos the list really does go on. There's just too much good music about.

    Expect the usual jokes and banter and a whole lot of quality music. Also, come along with text and e-mail fingers at the ready cos u all know by now that the show's about interactivity. I play the tracks, you blow up the phoneline. Its a wicked partnership.

    Hope you'll all be locked in for the ride. Peace!!

    Where? - www.radiofrequencyfm.co.uk
    When? - Sunday 5-7pm
    Why? - Cos it's gna be dutty!