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May 27, 2009

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El Corte's Slice of Drum 'n' Bass :: June, 2009

Enjoy the beats!!

Switch & Stunna – Nightwatcher

Peyo & SKS – Without You

Aperture – Need You Here

Lenzman – Mesmerized

Calibre – Hard Times

The Insiders – Meltdown (featuring Ayah)

Survival – Cross Fire

Piper Dream – Naibu

Sleeper Cell – Asymmetric (Loxy Rmx)

Undercover Agent – Dub Plate Circles

MC Conrad & D Furney – Drum Tools

The Insiders – Jet Lei

Leon Switch – Switch 1

Eskovah feat. Karry – Preacher Man

DJ Samurai – Stairway

Zero T feat. Steo – Long Distance

Mutt & Perpetuum - Soulick
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