Future Brock ! / Hypocrite Dub


When The Babylon R Dead
Sep 25, 2009
Greeting's fellow bass headz !
You can hear my latest creations on my soundcloud page www.soundcloud.com/earthgermz Cool
There's Future brock which combines twisted alien robotic samples tidy beats and dirty great sub basses creating a futurist vibe. And the mighty haunted Hypocrite dub! Using deep atmospheres and disturbing vocals to set the scene the beats carry you into the hellish bassline! Twisted Evil

All comments will be returned with descriptive feedback for all those producers out there thanks a bundle Rc AKA EarthGermz !


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Oct 25, 2009
easy mate, loving the vibe. jungle 2010!! big up..

btw more feedback u give out the more you get incase u are wondering!

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bass on the second tune is sick
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