Furious Records – The Digital Revolution

We are pleased to announce that Furious Records has officially become one of Canada’s first all digital drum n bass labels. Now, you can download any and all of the Furious Records back catalogue in top quality MP3 format as well as exclusive material that will never be released on vinyl.

After over a year of research and service testing we have selected 2 vendors to handle delivery of our previous and forthcoming MP3 format material:

Beatport.com (US Funds)
Chemical Records (Pounds Sterling)

Exclusive MP3 only releases will be made available for download under the catalogue code: “FR-LTD”. Check below to see what’s available:

Forthcoming FR-LTD Releases:
Stare & Phibbs – Hyperion (D-Region Remix) – Release Date: 08/30/2005

Current FR-LTD Releases:
D-Region – The Way It Feels (DS-1 Remix) - Take Me To Beatport
Stare & Phibbs – Hyperion - Take Me To Beatport

*In addition to these exclusive MP3 singles, all of the previous Furious singles are available for download

What Does This Mean To Vinyl Buyers?

After meticulous market research (specifically focusing on the average unit sales of many other similar sized international d&b labels), the management at Furious has determined that we can deliver superior unit sales, product quality and diversity using the MP3 medium than we could as a traditional vinyl label. With the evolution of the digital DJ and the prolific use of CD-R’s in place of 12” vinyl, we are confident that the majority of our vinyl clients will not find this change inconvenient or a roadblock between them and the Furious catalogue. *Possible special run vinyl projects could still exist in unique circumstances.

What Are The Advantages: MP3 Format vs. 12” Vinyl?

- - Lower Costs: Manufacturing, shipping and import/export costs will decrease resulting in more releases per year
- - Turnaround Time: The most upfront material will be made available only a few weeks after it comes off the mixing board (instead of months or even years)
- - Better Pay: It sounds crazy but it’s true. People are buying drum n bass MP3’s by the thousands and although the retail value is lower, the very attractive profit margins lend themselves to increased revenue for the labels and artists
- - Quality: While it’s hard to test the earthy, analogue sound of vinyl, MP3 delivery completely eradicates the risk of bad vinyl processing and the headaches of degradation through repeated playback
- - Diversity: Because the forums for showcasing this music are so well established, relatively unknown artists can get the ears of the music buying public without the extensive advertising and marketing budgets of a major label pushing them. This means that smaller labels like Furious can now afford to showcase the best unknown talent even though we don’t have the major marketing dollars to promote them.
- - Purchase Price & Convenience: Buyers can purchase only the tunes they want and pay a fraction of the cost compared to vinyl. The average price per song is about $3.00 (CAD) and delivery is instant (no more waiting for tunes in the post).

You Must Be Joking: What Kind Of A Record Label Would Do This?

Other drum n bass labels that work with our vendors include: RAM Records, Breakbeat KAOS, Hospital, Flex, BC Recordings, Emotif, Nerve and more.

I Want The Tunes - What Do I Do Next?

Simple. Head to our Primary Vendor, www.beatport.com create an account, add your billing details and download away. If you prefer to pay in Pounds Sterling or if you already have an account with Chemical Records for vinyl purchasing, go to www.chemicalrecords.co.uk and do the same. Both of these companies are of the highest caliber and will deliver their products exactly as advertised. If you have any questions about licensing rights, please read the disclaimers provided by the vendors.

That’s it for now. We look forward to enjoying continued success with this new project and we welcome any comments, questions or criticisms: info@furiousrecords.ca

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Furious Records.


Furious Crew